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Ski Lake Tahoe with Greg Mainis, PSIA ski instructor at Palisades Tahoe
Formerly Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows


As a PSIA certified ski instructor/guide I am very proud to be part of the Palisades Tahoe team. Working in a place I have loved my entire life is a pleasure and a thrill. Palisades Tahoe Ski Resort located in Lake Tahoe, CA is one of North America’s most renowned ski resorts with 6,000 skiable acres and 400” of annual snowfall.

How's your bump technique?


Whether it’s your first time on skis, wanting to perfect your bump technique
or treating your family to an awesome day on the slopes with a certified instructor.

I am here to advance your confidence, technique and provide you the best skiing experience possible.


ABOUT GREG MAINIS – Palisades Tahoe

The exhilaration I get every time I go skiing has lasted my entire life. The ability to share my expertise with others led me to become a PSIA-certified ski instructor and guide. At Palisades Tahoe I get to work with a client or family on their goals and aspirations for skiing. Together we work on learning a new move, skiing a better mogul line, or going to the next level.

Whether it’s your first time on skis, want to perfect your bump technique, cut lines on a powder day or treat your family to an awesome day on the slopes with a certified instructor; I am here to provide you with the best skiing experience possible.

At the age of 5, my Dad took me to Squaw Valley (now Palisades Tahoe) to teach me how to ski. It became a lifelong passion. During the early freestyle craze I competed in mogul competition.

Next, I was introduced to the powder 8 competition and qualified with my partner for The Powder 8 World Championships placing top three, six out of seven times.

Today you can find me at the place I have loved my entire life, one of North America’s most renowned ski destinations Palisades Tahoe Ski Resort  formerly Squaw Valley in Lake Tahoe, CA.

Ski Instruction/Guide Services

6 yr old Ski lesson with Greg

  • Individuals
  • Couples
  • Kids
  • Families
  • Powder Guide
  • Up to 5 skiers
  • Video Analysis

Benefits of requesting a professional Instructor/Guide like Greg?

Are you looking for someone to help you ski better? Are black diamond runs something that is terrifying? Have you stayed away from moguls because they seem too challenging? Do you ski on the tails of your skis in powder? If you answered YES to any of the above, then look no farther – Greg Mainis is your instructor!

Greg is a seasoned professional ski instructor at Palisades Tahoe. He has spent his whole life skiing there. If it’s your first day on skis, relax, Greg will walk you through how to make a wedge turn. If you and the kids want a day skiing together, let him work with the whole family. Want a break? Let Greg teach the kids for the afternoon, they will be to zooming down the hill by days end.

 advanced skiers

For the accomplished skier, have Greg work on your mogul technique or have him show you what a carve turn feels like going down Shirley Lake. Let your mind go and let a PSIA certificated professional instructor like Greg raise your confidence where ever you want to ski. There is a lot of pressure on a powder day for the reward of first tracks.

 Families & Groups

Let Greg take you or your group of up to 5 out and bypass the lift lines. Better still, he can show you the hidden areas that will give you the best powder experience. Greg can be your tour guide or your tail gunner, so if you do fall, he’ll be there to get you up and running again. Decades of powder skiing here has given him the expertise to put you on the right powder terrain for maximum FUN!!!

Greg Mainis is here to advance your confidence and technique
to provide the best skiing experience possible.