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Greg’s Gear for Ski Clothing & Equipment 

Proper ski equipment & gear will enable you to get the most enjoyment out of your skiing experience.

All of us should enjoy our skiing experience. Being prepared is key. 

I hope you find my recommendations for ski clothing, equipment & gear beneficial.  

Greg Mainis  

Avalanche Equipment

I only ski in bounds, why do you need this equipment? Do you ski powder on slopes over 30 degrees? Did you answer yes?

Skiing inbounds is not a guarantee that you will avoid being buried in an avalanche. Every resort’s ski patrols do a fantastic job making the slopes as safe as possible, however that is not a guarantee. It does happen and I was buried. I little prevention can go a long way.

Statistics show that only 28% of completely buried victims survive. Falling head first into a tree well has an even lower survival rate.

The equipment below may help save your life.

Shovel, Probes

A shovel and probes are tools you will need should your ski partner is buried.

Transceiver or Beacon, Digital

This is a device that will allow your friends are ski patrol to find you should you get buried.

Avalanche Air Bag

This is a backpack that contains an airbag similar to your car. If you are caught in an avalanche, pulling the ripcord inflates the bag and keeps you above the snow. There are two types of air bag, one that requires an air canister and the newer models have a battery powered fan. The later is airline compatible.